Open Cloud Stack Solutions for Your Enterprise

We streamline your digital infrastructure, freeing you to focus on your business goals.
  • Developed under SCS standards
  • An award-winning data center, based in Germany
  • Critical infrastructure ready
  • No vendor lock-in, interoperable by default
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Powered by 100% Open Source software

Deploy what you need, pay for what you use

Wavestack is a one-stop shop for your CaaS, PaaS, or IaaS requirements.

Virtualization: Compute and GPU

Choose from several flavors and scale to demand. The resources you need are at your fingertips.
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Block, Object and Local Storage

Find flexible and dependable storage solutions. Explore our range of options.


Quick to deploy, and easy to manage. Leverage Gardener for excellent scalability potential.

Secure Networking

From VPNs, IPSec to Load Balancing: everything to keep your enterprise going like clockwork.


With Wavestack Support, your IT infrastructure is in safe hands. Set your mind at rest: we guarantee proactive monitoring and fast response times.

Let us do the heavy lifting

Choosing the right digital infrastructure is an important decision. Deploy in our facility to experience the peace of mind of operating in a first-class data center.
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Open, reliable, and secure: Wavestack is a solution to answer a variety of needs.  It's suitable for government bureaus, digital businesses, academic institutions, and online service providers.
Wavestack as CaaS (Container as a Service)
Open, reliable, and secure: Wavestack's Cloud is a solution to answer a variety of needs.  It's suitable for government bureaus, digital businesses, academic institutions, and online service providers.
Wavestack as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
Who knows your business better than you? With our IaaS, you determine which components to pick. An adaptable and scalable infrastructure ecosystem is at hand.
Wavestack as PaaS (Platform as a Service)
For increased uptime and a dependable environment consider Wavestack PaaS. A fully managed platform, suitable for both personal and enterprise use.

Why Wavestack?


A product built according to Sovereign Cloud Stack standards. No dependencies, and no vendor lock-in. We are 100% non-proprietary and fully compliant with Open Source standards.


Compliant with the IT Strategy for Public Cloud Environments of the German IT Planning Council ("deutsche Verwaltungscloudstrategie (DVS) des IT Planungsrat")


Wavestack operates in an award-winning, state-of-art facility. (Munich East; Noris Network AG).

Harness the power of the OpenStack API

Avoid abstraction - choose simplicity and sovereignty. Build the stack you need using the OpenStack CLI. Built by developers for developers, 100% interoperable and secure.
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Deploy k8s with a single command

Experience seamless Kubernetes cluster management with the Gardener API. Deploy and manage clusters effortlessly and efficiently for your enterprise applications.
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Secure and manage identities with Zitadel

Streamline user authentication and authorization with Zitadel. Securely manage user identities and access control for cloud-native and hybrid environments.
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What is Wavestack?

Do you value Open Source freedom, Sovereign Cloud Stack Standards, and DSGVO requirements? If yes, Wavestack is the ideal solution for you. With trustworthiness, transparency, and accountability as our guiding principles, we built Wavestack to provide you with full data security and regulatory compliance.

Wavestack offers a range of powerful features, including our managed Kubernetes product based on SAP Gardener. This allows you to leverage the API and dashboard interface for seamless control and flexibility. Furthermore, we have built our product around Zitadel IAM, providing developers with comprehensive tools for integrating modern and cloud-native identity management. You can easily manage IAM through the user-friendly Zitadel web interface or via gRPC and REST APIs

How is Wavestack different from other cloud providers?

Wavestack stands out as a powerful cloud solution, delivering top-tier performance, compliance, and security. As a 100% open-source platform, we prioritize transparency and flexibility. Operating from noris network AG’s state-of-the-art data center infrastructure ensures reliable performance. With adherence to Sovereign Cloud standards, your data’s privacy and security are assured. Additionally, Wavestack is compliant with DSGVO regulations and is C5 certification-ready, utilizing full flash storage for fast data access. Our platform includes robust support for Kubernetes, providing you with advanced container orchestration capabilities. You can benefit from the scalability and efficiency of Kubernetes to effectively manage your applications and workloads. With Wavestack, you can enjoy the combined advantages of Kubernetes and our secure cloud infrastructure.

How can I buy Wavestack services?

Please get in touch with us via our Contact Form. Rest assured that we’ll respond within one business day.

How will I be able to use the products?

You can use the products by leveraging the API for OpenStack or the Horizon front end. With the OpenStack API, you have programmatic access to the product’s features. Additionally, our managed Kubernetes product based on SAP Gardener allows you to use the API and Dashboard interface for seamless control and flexibility. These options allow you to interact with and use the products based on your preferences and requirements.

How will we bill you?

For billing purposes, you will receive a monthly bill via email. The statement outlines the charges incurred for using our services during the billing period. It will provide you with a clear overview of the costs associated with your usage of our products.