Virtualization: Compute and GPU

Wavestack's Compute and GPU virtual machines are designed to meet your evolving needs. Harness the latest generation CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs for lightning-fast processing speeds and advanced hardware acceleration.
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100% standard-compliant

Wavestack is focused on delivering standard-compliant and interoperable infrastructure. All our resources are fully based on the standards we created together in the Sovereign Cloud Stack Project.

High-Performance Computing

Lightning-fast processing speeds for running simulations, processing datasets, or accelerating most kinds of workloads, including AI/ML.

Flexible Scaling to Match Demand

Seamless scalability inside a customer's virtual environment (within the configured quota).


  • Advanced technologies such as GPU-based computing for specific tasks
  • A large variety of pre-configured operating system images to use, saving the time to set an OS up
  • A large variety of virtual hardware profiles (flavors) to choose from
  • Orchestration for seamless deployments and high degrees of efficiency

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