Open Cloud Stack is in everyone’s future.

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Be in charge. Without Hyperscale dependency, you are self-governed, making decisions optimal for you, at all times.


Be protected. Your data is secure and sovereign following the latest European rules and regulations.


Be tactical. Avoid costly and time-consuming on-premise set-up and benefit from the value of Open Cloud Computing.


Be robust. Pain-proof your implementation and define your environment with our well-rounded teams (DevOps).


Be unique. Adapt the product to you, rather than the other way around. Wavestack solutions are flexible, meeting your organization’s exact needs.

Exceptional solutions for extraordinary clients.

Interoperable, federated, sovereign cloud solutions are the future of digitalization. In practice, open ecosystems translate to decreased risks, higher security, and more control.
An Open Source mindset is at the core of Wavestack’s DNA. To showcase our commitment, we built upon Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS hyperlink). SCS is a pan-European network of standardized sovereign clouds that advances the definition, implementation, and operation of fully open, federated, and interoperable cloud platforms.

Open. Secure. Reliable.

If you want to innovate without compromising your security, look for a well-certified, reliable provider. Sovereign Cloud Stack is designed for high-security requirements. SCS is also compliant with the Open Source Business Alliance e.V’s requirements for public sector cloud environments. Wavestack guarantees a fully appropriate architecture, an open development process, and the provision of operating knowledge under IT-Grundschutz [hyperlink] BSI certification.
Multi-layered safeguards are crucial for the digital well-being of a contemporary organization. On a data-center level, Wavestack (SCS R3) is operated in the award-winning facility (Munich East; Noris Network AG).

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Excellence, your way: Wavestack.

What are the fundamental pillars and challenges of a cloud computing solution? Infrastructure and software. To remove the complexity of managing multiple systems obtained from an array of providers, our service includes:
  • Infrastructure (compute, GPU, block and object storage, load balancers, DNS, VPNaaS).
  • Kubernetes ( Cluster API, D2IQ, Gardener).
  • Holistic Software Solution; IAMs.
We ensure you get:
  • Interfaces.
  • Certifications.
  • Full Security.
  • Fundamental deliverables of a successful Open Cloud deployment.


The lack of:

  • Stable and reliable cloud computing standards at your fingertips.
  • Access to data centers, hardware, and agile operational teams.
  • Robust knowledge, budget, and know-how on running cloud infrastructure.


With Wavestack, you get access to:

  • Outstanding, award-winning data centers.
  • Trailblazing SCS Network.
  • Effective, multi-tenant IAMs.

Our Guarantee

  • Repeated success in workload output.
  • Interoperability between our solution and any other SCS cloud.
  • Full operational autonomy.
  • Standardized, efficient, and easy-to-manage Open Cloud infrastructure.

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Discover our features.

  • Standardized REST API.
  • Dashboard access (Horizon).
  • S3-compatible RGW block storage.
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) for self-managed environments.
  • Load balancing as a service (LBaaS) for seamless load distribution.
  • SCS-Compliant compute instance (for various performance classes).
  • Ceph-based full Flash (optional) and ephemeral local NVME block storage.
  • VPN as a service (VPNaaS) for secure IPSec tunnels to access your remote sites.
  • Your choice of Kubernetes installation ( Weather, Kubeadm, Gardener, d2iq, Openshift, Rancher, etc.).

Where would security be without innovation?

Where would strategy be without autonomy?

How would progress be made, without versatility?

At Wavestack, we want you to succeed, your way. The future is open. Join us in shaping it!

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